School Groups

Cost per child:  $8.00

Things included in our field trips:

(1)Each class will get a brief introduction to our farm and all of the farmhands. They will briefly discuss fruit production and learn how to pick an peach, apple or pumpkin the correct way. Agriculture Education is very important to our family.

(2)A Special Braeutigam Orchards farm hand is with each class at each station to help with anything or answer questions.

(3)Each child receives a ride on the wagon to and from the orchard or pumpkin patch.

(4)Each child picks a bag of peaches, apples or a pumpkin

(5)Each teacher gets to pick a bag of peaches, apples or a pumpkin (1 per classroom) to take back to their classroom for educational purposes. (This has been a Braeutigam Orchards tradition for over 30 years.)

(6)Each child meets our farm animals and gets to feed them with our “world famous” Farmer Dan (Awesome!).

(7)Each child receives a cup of fresh apple cider

(8)Each child gets to play in “Grandpa Lesters Farm Village”. This is a fun and educational place for the students to let harvest eggs from a chicken house, milk a cow, plant a garden, shop at the farmers market and then pretend to cook it at Grandma Marie’s house. The children can also fix tractors in the tractor workshop, play in the corn and soybean boxes, climb the straw pile, etc… These are just a few of the exciting agriculture activities that the children can do. We add something new and educational each year.

COST PER STUDENT: $8.00 each 

CALL…  Doris for a reservation today at (618) 233-4059!

We will welcome all parents to come along 

and enjoy the fun….no Charge..!
If a parent chooses to pick fruit, they must pay for it by the pound in our country store.